Ara Jobs & Skill Hub
Brand development
Ara brand development and collateral
Promotional material, poster for one year celebration, graphics design and direction for interactive map for website, and engagement and identity development document.
Ara connects South Auckland communities with businesses working at and around Auckland Airport to fill the thousands of jobs needed to build and run ‘the airport of the future’ over the next 30 years. They also work with employers and training providers to identify training needs and connect people with courses to meet those needs.
The brief was to build up the Ara brand, from candidate profile templates and stationery to the Engagement and Identity Development Report, a document for their stakeholders. At the one-year mark, we created a poster to celebrate the milestone and promote all the great work they have done. Icons were created and statistics were used to show a visual breakdown of the year to date.
A website was created with the idea of being viewed primarily on mobile devices, rather than a desktop computer. This was targeted at the local people in South Auckland who may be looking for jobs. Weaver Creative designed the map visuals and gave direction of the flow of the map and how the elements could move as the page scrolled down. 
The ideas were well received and implemented by Fuel, a web design agency in Auckland.
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