Porters Vineyard
Brand development
Logo and label design for Kererū Pinot Noir and Pinor Gris
John Porter is on a mission to return farm land on his southern Wairarapa property back to the beautiful, native bush it once was. A delightful result of this work is the return of the mighty Kererū. These native birds inspired him to create a more youthful wine: the Kererū Pinot Noir, and the Kereru Pinot Gris.
The brief was to capture the lively spirit of these birds, and their habitat in the design. John also wanted the labels to have some of that ‘amour’ that French wine labels possess, similar to the current labels from The Porters Pinot range.
The result is our friendly Kererū perched on top of a tree branch in an illustrative style. The Kererū name sits below in a playful font, which has a lovely high build to help with emphasis and impact. The stock is off white and lightly textured, adding to that old world charm.
The wines have been well received and match well with duck or lamb dishes in restaurants nationwide.

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