Raw Glory Desserts and Treats
Food packaging design
Design and implementation of packaging for Raw Glory
Raw Glory is a small family owned business based in Tawa, Wellington. They create beautiful vegan desserts, that are made with raw, natural, healthy, gluten free and organic ingredients. These treats aren’t just for after dinner, but can be enjoyed any time throughout the day!
Mashal had been making cakes which proved popular with her family and friends. They urged her to make them available for the public. The brief was for a logo design that matched Mashal’s vision of her new business. There was an initial set of six individually packaged flavours, which would also be available for purchase as a set.
Individual serve labels were created for the smaller boxes that could be sold as is, and also inserted into a larger, windowed box for the sampler pack. The design reflected the products being raw and natural looking, contrasted with the solid black and white elements.
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