The Morgan Foundation
Exhibition design with promotional material
Design of a large circular exhibition display for the Wellington airport, plus stands for nationwide libraries and art galleries, with supporting brochures, flyers and posters.
The aim of The Morgan Foundation’s Talk Treaty project was to inspire conversations about the Treaty of Waitangi, and wider issues related to that including identity, cultural differences, race relations, te reo, discrimination, poverty and public power. They found 60 fabulous and well known New Zealanders who were prepared to talk openly and honestly about a range of issues relating to the Treaty of Waitangi.
The brief was for the Talk Treaty design to appeal to all Kiwis, and look ‘New Zealander-ish’ without being overly designed to one demographic. The result was the lovely, natural timbers, teamed up with colourful woven textures.
The display for the airport covered an area roughly 3-4 meters round, with solid wood panels holding screens playing the interviews, with solid colour woven texture below. Between these stood large ACM display panels with some snapshots of the interviews. The bottom half of the panels had a natural woven texture, representing all the areas of New Zealand: Bark, sand, pebbles, sky, sea and the native fauna. The graduating colours behind these link all the panels to create a gradient that winds its way around the stand. Topped off with textural sails abovethe display and paua panels joining all the elements around the sides, it was very eye catching and unmissable.
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