Forest & Bird
Annual Report design and layout
The brief was to design Forest & Bird’s annual report – it is a key tool they use to demonstrate to donors, members, volunteers and sponsors the impact of their support. The report needed to be compact and economical to print and post out to all 20,000+ members, while sharing their story and success.
Jess Winchester said: “Forest and Bird is defending nature across Aotearoa New Zealand. We work across land, fresh water, oceans, and climate to protect our environment.
In the past we had produced a beautiful 18-page booklet but it was expensive to print and mail and we couldn’t afford to send it to everyone who was passionate about protecting nature in New Zealand. We asked Debbie to come up with a creative design for the report that would enable us to include it as an insert with our magazine. It had to keep the magazine within its existing mailing weight, be engaging, donor-focused but still enable us to communicate the key achievements and complex financial information in an easy-to-read format.
We have always found Debbie to be professional, creative and awesome to work with.”

Here is some lovely feedback from a client on the Forest & Bird annual report:
“The F&B report uses an innovative presentation which was informative in an easily digestible way, and which, in style, reflected the nature of the organisation itself. It embodied the organisation’s values - i.e. environmentally appropriate, not wasteful of resources. Not your usual word-heavy, A4 document.” 
Sharen Paine, Management Consultant, Ministry of Health
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